Criminal Activity in Southern Africa has increased to such an extent that few citizens have not been directly or indirectly affected by crime in some or other form.

Crimes against the person, whether it is violent crimes such as murder, robbery, assault or petty crimes like theft and pilferage are reported in our media on a daily basis. Crimes against business entities and especially Corporate Companies in the form of white-collar crimes, ranging from fraud and corruption to forgery and uttering and again to petty theft is the order of the day. Companies are losing enormous amounts of money due to these criminal activities. To circumvent the above-mentioned impact of criminal activity, ACS, provides Safety and Security Specialists who audit and design safety and security pro-active counter crime measures and systems for their Corporate clients. The goal therefor being, to protect not only the clients and their employees from criminal attack and infiltration, but also to protect Company Intellectual Property, assets and trade secrets from being stolen.




ACS will perform a Safety and Security Risk Audit (SSRA) of your Company and Corporate Buildings to determine current vulnerability to possible criminal attack and penetration, whether from external criminal groupings and syndicates or internally by your own employees.


The client will be provided with recommendations and assistance with the implementation thereof in order to secure the facility and Company Intellectual Property from criminal attack or infiltration.


The results of the SSRA will be communicated to the client in a confidential report with supporting documentary and / or photographic evidence of perceived risks and vulnerabilities.

* The SSRA will include but not be limited to the following:

• Environmental Impact Study
• Incident History
• Site Management
• Site Perimeter
• Site Access & Egress
• Building Facility Access
• Facility Security Control Room
• Security Guarding Provision
• Occupational Health and Safety Compliance

• Alternative Power Sources
• Facility Delivery, Loading Bays and Dispatch Areas
• Security Equipment
• Electronic Security Systems (CCTV, Biometric Access Control, Beams, Alarms etc.)
• Site Safety & Security Standing Operating Procedures
• Emergency Evacuation Procedures
• Information Technology and P.C. Security
• Office and Room Security


ACS as independent Safety and Security Specialists will be able to assist with the implementation of effective INTEGRATED Safety and Security Measures and the regular auditing of systems to ensure a safe and secure environment. This process would include the appointment of Safety and Security Intelligence Care Managers to ensure best practice by Security Providers. This furthermore entails the profiling, vetting and screening of employees, applicants, contractors and sub – contractors to ensure that the company is not dealing with criminal elements.

We believe that our approach assists clients in reducing crime in their Companies, providing a safe and more secure environment, as well as decreasing the losses experienced due to the criminal element.

ACS and our Associates are Specialists in the providing of Crime Prevention Strategies and Business Intelligence to Corporate clients and selected individuals. We are continuously involved in Research and Development, both locally and internationally, to set the benchmark in our field of expertise. Currently we are the only independent Company in Southern Africa providing this unique service to clients.

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