Advanced Corporate Solutions (ACS) complies with the International Benchmark in respect of Safety and Security Risk Audits. Risk mitigation, combined with pro-active security measures, is a priority in the protection of life, property, and assets.

Criminal Activity in Southern Africa has increased to such an extent that few citizens have not been directly or indirectly affected by crime in some or other form. The events with an attempted Insurrection in the Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal Provinces have highlighted the State’s inability to perform its Constitutional obligation to protect its Citizens and their property from arson, looting and rioting. The incidents which occurred requires Corporate Companies to have a reaction plan in place to prevent being caught off-guard. It also calls for the co-operation of everyone affected due to rioting/looting within a 5km radius and contact with other Private Emergency Services, should Public Law Enforcement and Emergency Services be incapable of providing assistance.

Crimes against the person, whether it is violent crimes such as murder, robbery, assault or petty crimes like theft and pilferage are reported daily in our media. Parastatals have also become the targets of organized criminal groupings.

To circumvent the above-mentioned impact of criminal activity, ACS, provides Safety and Security Specialists who audit and design safety and security pro-active counter crime measures and systems for their Corporate clients and Residential Estates. The goal therefor being, to protect not only the clients and their employees from criminal attack and infiltration, but also to protect assets from being stolen. 




ACS will perform a Safety and Security Risk Audit (SSRA) to determine current vulnerability to possible insurrection, criminal attack and penetration, whether from external criminal groupings and syndicates or internally by your own employees.



The client will be provided with recommendations and assistance with the implementation thereof in order to secure the facility and Company Intellectual Property from criminal attack or infiltration.


The results of the SSRA will be communicated to the client in a confidential report with supporting documentary and / or photographic evidence of perceived risks and vulnerabilities.

The emphasis of the Safety and Security Risk Audit (SSRA) will be on the following:
• Criminal Incident History
• Site Management
• Site Perimeter
• Site Access & Egress
• Building Facility Access
• Facility Security Control Room
• Security Guarding Provision
• Occupational Health and Safety Compliance
• Alternative Power Sources
• Facility Delivery, Loading Bays and Dispatch Areas
• Security Equipment
• Electronic Security Systems (CCTV, Biometric Access Control, Beams, Alarms etc.)
• Emergency Evacuation Procedures
• Information Technology and P.C. Security
• Office and Room Security
• Integration of information technology and captured data e.g., integration of current systems.
• Site Safety & Security Operations Audit – e.g., Security Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Policies, Service Provider evaluation, Incident and Complaints reporting, etc.
• Intelligence Gathering Processes – e.g. Threat and Risk Analysis, Physical Intelligence of the External and Internal Environment, Integrity Assessment of the Security Provider and Personnel.
• Interviews and consultations with informed role players of the specific area with a view to providing a united response to future attempts to destabilize economic activity.


ACS as independent Safety and Security Specialists will be able to assist with the implementation of effective INTEGRATED Safety and Security Measures and the regular auditing of systems to ensure a safe and secure environment. This process would include the appointment of Safety and Security Intelligence Care Managers to ensure best practice by Security Providers. The intention is not to re-invent working procedures in place, but to provide for an on-going oversight function and ensure continuity of best practices. This furthermore entails the profiling, vetting and screening of employees, applicants, contractors and sub – contractors to ensure that the client is not dealing with criminal elements.

With the SSRA and due to possible looting/rioting we adopt a more comprehensive approach to include consultations with relevant persons and other Companies within a 5km radius of each area.


We believe that our approach assists clients in reducing crime and providing a safe and more secure environment, as well as decreasing the losses experienced due to criminal activity.

ACS and our Associates are Specialists in the providing of Crime Prevention Strategies and Business Intelligence to Corporate clients and selected individuals. We are continuously involved in Research and Development, both locally and internationally, to set the benchmark in our field of expertise.

Advanced Corporate Solutions

Specialists in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services for complete peace of mind.

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