The personnel of Advanced Corporate Solutions (ACS) are experienced practitioners in the field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) “Debugging” and carry out searches for a broad based clientele worldwide. In addition, we use our expertise to educate others to carry out highly skilled countermeasure searches in every environment. All members of the Inspection Team are suitably qualified technicians having been thoroughly Vetted from a Security Perspective and who are well trained in the utilisation of the equipment concerned.

ACS provides all-encompassing and thorough TSCM “Debugging” services utilising the most advanced modern equipment and technology available in South Africa. Due to the advancement of Global Corporate Competitiveness, there is a growing need amongst Corporate Institutions, especially at Executive Staff levels, to protect all forms of Communication. It is of interest to note that more than 90% of the top listed Corporates in South Africa conduct a REGULAR programme of TSCM “Debugging”. The reason therefor is that Industrial espionage involves activities such as theft of trade secrets, bribery, blackmail, and technological surveillance.

As well as spying on Commercial Organisations, Governments can also be targets of commercial espionage - for example, to determine the terms of a tender for a government contract so that another tenderer can underbid. Industrial espionage is most commonly associated with technology-heavy industries, particularly in the computer and financial sectors.


All investigations are concluded with a thorough report to the client, which will indicate:

  • Findings of the Investigation
  • Shortcomings in the Client’s Physical Security Measures which can facilitate Eavesdropping attempts
  • Both Identified and Potential Eavesdropping Threats and Scenarios
  • All equipment utilised has been purchased in the United Kingdom and United States of America from companies specialising in the field of TSCM “Debugging”.


All information with regard to the TSCM will be dealt with in the strictest confidence in terms of the relationship between ourselves and the Client concerned. As previously stated, a comprehensive written report is always submitted at the conclusion of investigation. It may be of interest to note that the technicians have on numerous occasions been complimented conducting the investigation, by many of our clients, amongst whom are some of the major Companies and Corporations in South Africa as well as certain Government Departments. In order to safeguard both the interests of the Client and ACS itself, the importance is emphasised for the Client or designated representative to be physically present throughout the TSCM . In this manner the Client is able to observe the process and the manner in which the equipment is utilised and thus formulate their own evaluation of the level of expertise and professionalism provided.

Advanced Corporate Solutions

Specialists in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services for complete peace of mind.

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