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WISHING YOU A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. We are pleased to inform you that added to our most modern TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) equipment from this year, is the MESA. We are the only TSCM service provider in Africa with this most recent equipment. The protection of Intellectual Property has never been as important as it is now, as we enter 2021. When last did your organisation conduct a formal TSCM “Debugging” Assessment? Read More

WISHING YOU A JOYOUS FESTIVE SEASON AND A HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS 2021. This has been a challenging year for all of us due to COVID. From ACS, we wish you a festive season filled with joy, family time and a prosperous and healthy 2021. Read More

HOW TECHNOLOGY FUELS THE "BUGGING NIGHTMARE - "Modern technology and society’s constant connection to the Internet allows more creativity in business than ever before – including the black market. Criminals are carefully discovering new ways to tap the most sensitive networks in the world. - Read More

CELLEBRITE - Advanced Mobile Device and Digital Forensics - Read More

SMART HOMES - Protecting Company Owned Data at Home - Read More

Is your TSCM “Debugging” Programme in place?There is a relatively simple answer to dramatically improving both the Probability of Detection (POD) and the Probability of Intercept (POI) from a TSCM perspective. Read More

TSCM "Debugging" - Technical Security reality during COVID19 In the midst of the Covid 19 Pandemic, one of the preventative measures we can adopt is working from home. In an increasingly connected world we can continue our professional work from remote locations, and in the safety of our own homes. This however poses new and significant threats to our organisations and the safeguarding of our Intellectual Property. It is now becoming more important than ever, to not only take care of our personal, but also our information security hygiene. Read More

Industrial Espionage. One third of Swiss companies are spied on. Read More

In the Era of Hacking, Bugs Remain a Critical Espionage Threat. The threat of cyber attacks has garnered a lot of publicity in recent years — and rightfully so, as such hacks provide hostile actors with a powerful and convenient intelligence tool. Read More

TSCM and Penetration Testing. When discussing Technical Surveillance Countermeasures with people who are not very familiar with what is involved, they often ask if (or assume) our work is a part of cyber security or even that we are perform pen-testing services. Read More

TSCM vs Insider Threat - 2020. We just want to thank all Valuable Clients for their ongoing support during the past 25 Years. Read More

When did you last debug your office? How can you tell if someone is bugging or tracking you? Read More

TSCM vs Insider Threat - 2019. An Insider Threat is a malicious threat to an organisation that emanates from people within the organisation, such as PAs, CPOs, Security Personnel, IT Managers, Employees, Contractors or Business Associates. Read More

ACS TSCM Rogue access points. The insider threat - 2019 should be a year where more importance and focus are placed on information security for businesses than ever before. Viruses and data breaches will continue to present themselves as threats, leading to unplanned downtime, intellectual property loss, andan increase in expenditure, but they won’t be the only ones.. Read More

Stay one step ahead. Marie Clutterbuck reveals why the business is the new target for cyber criminals and explains what can be done to limit the threats. Intersec June 2019. Read More

Audit Results: 2017. Advanced Corporate Solutions (ACS), the industry leaders in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and Electronic Countermeasures Investigations (ECMI), is proud to announce and share the results of our 2017 Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Audit. Read more

Can you detect wired microphones? Bloodhound can. Read More

Facing up to Cyber Threats: Simon Davies on best practise to avoid the risk of cyber attack. Read More

TSCM Spectrum Analyser: Now you can have tomorrows TSCM software today. Read More

TSCM - Technical Survaillance Counter Measures: Corporate eavesdropping poses a significant risk to any organization. Global statistics shows that the threat of internal eavesdropping is real and imminent. The statistics also shows that the majority of eavesdropping devices found during “Bug Sweeps” were planted either by current employees, recently terminated employees or associates. Read more

Sports teams need privacy protection. Russian hockey team finds bugging device. Sports teams need to be concerned about privacy and confidentiality.A listening device was apparently discovered in the coaches room of the Russian hockey team, Metallurg Magnitogorsk, at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg. - Read more

Cyber Insurance: getting it right. Intersec March 2017. The cyber insurance market is constantly evolving as a paradoxical segment where fear continues to drive custom, while conversely industry inefficiency ensures growth of the insurance industry. Read more

2017 Cybercrime Security Predictions. With High incidents such as Tesco Bank and Talk Talk, the start of 2017 is a great time to look at the coming months and prepare - Intersec January 2017 - Click to view

An end to eaves dropping. Eavesdropping is historically a medieval term from when most dwellings were single storey, the roof rafters supported on the top of the walls, the roofing material laid on the rafters - Intersec January 2017 - Click to view

Remote spectrum surveillance and monitoring.Software Defined Radio (SDR) permits operator-assisted TSCM inspections to be conducted based on a new moving target threat model that is specific to the operational deployment of budget friendly, fully feature operator assisted, or Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring (RSSM) - Intersec January 2017 - Click to view

Is Your Physical Security Cyber Secure? Simon Gawne discusses the need for security teams to expand their remit to include cyber defence as attackers increasingly target vulnerable connected security devices - Intersec Magazine - Click to view

Bugging device found in All Blacks' meeting room: It was reportedly planted inside a chair and discovered during a routine sweep for bugs ahead of the match against Australia. 20 August 2016 - Sky News - Click to view

Cyber Security Breach - What to do? June 2016 - Intersec Magazine. Click to view

Executive Protection: What can you do about corporate espionage? Click to view

Cyber Security Future Trends: The exponential growth of ICT integration with all aspects of our economies, governance and personal lives means that cyber security is likely to remain crucial to the resilience of the global economy in the next decade. Click to view

Panama follow up Click to view

Who is listening in, and what you cando to stop them.  Click to view

Strong encryption for everyone is a national security advantage Click to view