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CPM 700 - Counter Surveillance Monitor

The CPM-700 counter-surveillance probe/monitor provides five of the “most desired sweep functions” in one package:

  • R.F. Probe “sniffs” the environment for hidden telephone, room or body bugs. It will also detect pulsed tracking transmitters and remote control, hopping and burst devices.
  • The VLF Probe tests for carrier current bugs which use AC wiring as a transmission path.
  • The high sensitivity Auxiliary Input Amplifier allows for the listening to suspicious telephone or room wiring for the presence of buried microphones or modifications to equipment.
  • The Alarm Monitor function provides protection after a “sweep”, instantly alerting to the presence of a new device.
  • The 24-hour Evidence Recording output, when connected to any standard tape recorder, will store suspicious sounds from the Probe or Auxiliary Input.



Frequency Response: 50 kHz –2 GHz ± 3 dB, 3 GHz - 10 dB
Sensitivity 62 dBm (1 segment) –85 dBm M.D.L
Detection Range

3m.type.with 1µ W 150 MHz ¼ V STD
(High Gain, ambient 3 segments)



Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 1 MHz ± 3 dB