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CPD-197 Mobile Phone and Bluetooth Detector

The CPD197 is a multi-purpose mobile phone detector. The CPD197 can detect 2G (GSM900 & GSM1800) and 3G (UMTS900 & UMTS2100) plus 4G (LTE800 & LTE2600) mobile phones. Also scans for Bluetooth signals, separately and simultaneously.


Features & Applications:

  • LED bar-graph signal level indication
  • Alarm logging - details time, frequency, signal strength up to maximum 4096 entries
  • OLED display with automatic brightness control
  • Cadenced vibration alert for discreet pocket use
  • Soft-keys give access to a list of stored alarms and their statistics
  • Multiple range settings
  • Directional antenna for accurate pinpoint direction finding Applications
  • Defensive building search (where mobile phones are prohibited)
  • TSCM (detection of surveillance devices using GSM based technology)
  • Detection of unauthorised mobile phones
  • Security companies who need to sweep boardrooms for GSM devices