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Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence is one of the most specialised disciplines of Intelligence. The purpose of Corporate Intelligence is not only to receive management information promptly, but also to counter any possible existing or planned activity of an Active Opposition. This requires specialised skills and equipment and must be implemented as a long-term strategy. The overall objective of Corporate Intelligence is to protect company interest.

Specific interests referred to, are inter alia:

  • Communication breaches.
  • Conflict of Financial Interests at Executive or Directors Level.
  • Pro-active measures to safeguard Business Negotiations.
  • Research in respect of Investment Opportunities, Business People, Financial Background.
  • Political Stability and Risk Factors pertaining to Investment Opportunities
  • Independent Verification of Information pertaining to Investment Opportunities.
  • Gathering, Collating, Interpreting and Evaluating of Information detrimental to the Corporate Image of a Business.
  • Business engages on a regular basis with potential clients or companies in business negotiations and settlement where the 
    background of potential clients must be thoroughly researched.
  • Security Environment of existing or new business ventures must be scrutinized to minimize risk factors for the company.
  • Integrity with Physical Protection of Executive Personnel and Directors must be ensured at all times.
  • Counter-intelligence actions must be carried out on a regular basis to protect Intellectual Property and Financial Assets of the Company.
  • The Profiling of Executive Personnel or Potential Directors at a client's request, to enhance the selection process of any of these 
    individuals in the best interests of the company.
  • Requests from Executive Personnel requiring Specialized Investigations to protect the Company Interests or promote Asset Management.

The need for Corporate Intelligence is rapidly becoming a reality within Companies, having global business and/or financial interest. ACS aims to enhance governance, and to provide services Tailor Made to specific interests which enable Executive personnel to make informed decisions timeously.