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THE COAST IS CLEAR, PUT THE DEVICE BACK - Mobile tablet used eavesdropping - Fact or Fiction - Read More

2020: THE BUGGING WARS MARCHES ON - And you thought spy stories were a thing of the past - Read More

The reality of Cyber Espionage in South Africa - A Case Study of cyber infiltration in the Bugging/Listening devices environment - Read more

Cellebrite - Fifteen million mobile devices are infected with malware, and most of those run Android, according to a new report by Alcatel-Lucent's Kindsight Security Labs.- Read More

Why TSCM is necessary - Read More

10 Methods of preventing mobile malware - Read More

Surviving the Digital Swarm
Your privacy is a cloud of data scattered on servers that are beyond your control.

Lessons learnt from the Wikileaks fiasco
There are 3 important homeland security lessons that you and your organisations should take to heart from the Wikileaks situation.

Disgruntled Employee
This was the scene of where the disgruntled employee left all the traces of eavesdropping equipment .